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 How to enrol on DA-BSC E-Learning Courses

Enrolling on DA-BSC E-Learning Courses

Register for an account on this website

First you will need to register with us by clicking the Register link in the login section of the homepage. Once registered, you will be able to login and access the full range of features and resources in the site.

Apply to enrol on an e-learning course

To begin an application for a DA-BSC E-Learning course, select Apply for a DA-BSC E-Learning Course from the Courses menu. The full range of available courses is displayed in a drop-down list, from which you can select the course you wish to apply for. Providing that you are eligible to apply for the selected course, you can continue through the application process.

Start your e-learning course

If you are from the MOD, or in most cases an Other Government Department, you will be able to begin your course straight away, providing the course does not require authorisation from the course manager. If you are from industry or a trading fund agency, your application will be held pending receipt of payment, where applicable.

Please Note

If you are not eligible to apply for the selected course, all necessary pre-requisites will be listed and those that you have not yet attained will be marked with a red cross. You should apply for and complete these courses first. For some courses, there may be the opportunity to request exemption from a pre-requisite course on the basis of equivalent previous study or experience.

 How to enrol on DA-BSC Classroom and Other Courses

Enrolling on Classroom and Other Courses

Please note that classroom courses and e-learning courses on the Defence Learning Environment (DLE) cannot be booked directly through this website. Information on how to access these courses will be found on the relevant course pages on the Defence Academy web site at