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BSC On-line Courses

E-Learning queries: You can contact us with enquiries concerning elearning, including username prompts, email address changes etc at defac-cmt-ab-br-cs@mod.uk. Please note that we are unable to deal with general enquires or enquiries about workshop courses at this address.

Some of our on-line courses are self contained; others form part of a blended programme of study, including e-learning, classroom based workshops and other self-study formats.

To get an idea of how our on-line courses work, you might like to take a look at the eLearning Walk Through.

Other courses

To view the full range of courses delivered by the Defence Academy, please visit www.da.mod.uk/courses.
 Use of this site is limited until its full closure on 2nd March 2019

As of 10th December 2018 you can no longer register for an account on this site nor use it to enrol on our courses if you already have an account.
  • Users who have already enrolled on courses on this site will continue to have access to those courses here until 2359 hrs on the 1 Mar 19.
  • Our courses are now available for enrolment on the Defence Learning Environment (DLE).
  • Learner’s progress through a course will NOT be transferred to the DLE. If you do not complete a course on this site you will need to start from the beginning again on the DLE.
  • Learner records will NOT be transferred to the DLE. If users require proof of course completion they should download certificates before 2359 hrs on 1 Mar 19. It is strongly recommended not to use MODNET to download your certificates.

Further information is available here.

 About Us

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Building business acumen for you and your organisation.
The requirement for Business Skills is growing, alongside a greater need for cross-functional awareness.

As a delivery unit within the Defence Academy, the Business Skills College groups the professional functions of finance, commercial, programme, portfolio & project management, through life support & supply chain management, and capability & acquisition under one organisation, working with Cranfield University to provide awareness to expert and masters levels of training & education in each but also the ability to develop the suite of cross-cutting business skills necessary to operate effectively.

Our prospectus includes awareness, practitioner and expert level courses to support each functional learning pathway, as well as a range of awareness courses aimed at the non-professional. We also offer MBA, MSc and strategic programmes.

The College contributes to wider Government learning & development initiatives, whilst the competence frameworks used ensure our training and education has relevance across public and private sectors.

 Self Development
The Self Development pages contain a selection of resources and tools to support the user whether in a learning environment, conducting professional studies or even in the work place. The contents include:

The CPD Log Book will assist in planning your development and on completion allow you to reflect on your achievements

The guides will provide guidance and advice on the best ways to study online and how best to develop your natural talents