Privacy Statement

Data Protection

Please read this information about the data we store in relation to your participation in our on-line courses.

What data do we store?

We store two types of data:

  • Personal details that you submit when you register
  • Information about how you respond to questions and activities on the courses

What do we do with it?

Personal details are used to validate your logon when you enter the site and to enable us to contact you. We also use your name to display on certificates when you pass a course. We ask for you organisation and work function, so that we can report enrolment, progress and completion statistics for specific parts of the business.

When you apply for a course we may ask you to indicate your main personal objective for undertaking the training. This information is used to help us prioritise access to off-line activities on courses that are a blend of e-learning and classroom based workshops. We will also use this information to develop user profiles, again to aid planning and development of existing and future courses.

As you work through a course you will be required to answer many questions and in the majority of cases we track your responses to these questions. In the pre and post assessments, this information is used to score your performance and in many courses, scores will be used to determine whether or not you have passed. In addition, we store some information about your responses to self assessment questions at the end of individual topics. However, we do not store the actual words you type in, only a figure representing the correctness of your answer compared with the model answer. This information is used to provide a summary of your learning at the end of a unit of study.

What rights do you have to see the data we hold?

You are entitled to see the data we store about you and your training. Nearly all of this data is presented back to you, within the normal cycle of the course you are studying. Personal details are available by selecting the 'Change Details' tab within 'My Courses'. This displays all your stored personal details.

Your training performance and associated data is available on completion of an end of unit test (post-test). It is presented in the form of a Summary of Learning and includes your scores in all pre and post tests, as well as your performance in individual topics.

How secure is the data we hold?

The data is stored on a secure server. Each time you logon you access your data through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which encrypts all the information that is exchanged between your computer and the main computer on which the data is held.